Center for Understanding and Institutional Cooperation

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CURRENT ISSUE (Vol.6 (1) June 2016)

Institutional Participation Of Women In The Balkans - Challenges And Perspectives

Social Welfare State

The Family In Contemporary Law

Protection Of Human Rights In Armed Conflict

The Importance Of Family From The Islamic Perspective

Global Violence And International Terror As A Result Of Development Of Globalization As An Alternative Or Challenge Of Global Order

Media Freedom As An Inevitable Part Of The Freedom Of Expression Debate In Macedonia

Analysis Of The Second Part Of The Book “models Of Democracy” By Author David Held

The Impact Of Social Capital, Factor Of Educational Performance In The Development Of Sustainability Practices

Balkan Regional Geopolitics And Gas Pipelines - Gas Pipelines In Southeast Europe

Modern Society In International Security Systems, Threats To Survival And Dealings With The Challenges In The Future

Interconnections Of Organized Crime And Consequences Of International Terrorism In Contemporary Society - Consequences And Challenges

Puritanism And The Roots Of American Exceptionalism

The Kosovo Issue On The International Agenda

Ethical Challenges For Objective Expertise In The Reformed Criminal Procedure

The Peace Conference On Yugoslavia And The Dissolution Of Sfry

Legal State In The Function Of Democratization Of Society

Social Cohesion And Integration Of The Republic Of Macedonia In The Euro Atlantic Structures

Composite Of Albanian And English Language

Analysis Of Application Of Detention With Reference To The Prosecution In Macedonian Criminal Law

Globalization Of Law And Its Effect On The Legal Systems Of The States With Special Reference To The Republic Of Macedonia

Position Of Women In Holy Quran

Motivational Connectivity Between Stories And Novels Of Kadare

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