Center for Understanding and Institutional Cooperation

ISSN: 1857-8640


DOI: 10.5987/UJ-CENTRUM.17.024.1   |   Article Number: 03804C0724   |   Vol.6 (1) - June 2016

Author:  Saliu Xhemile

Throughout the human history prior to Islam, women have been victimized and made to suffer too much. They endured unbearable deprivation, sorrow and oppression in all past civilizations. In other words, they were treated as if they were not human beings. The Greeks said in regards to women: She is like a poisonous tree and she is evil emanated from Satan. She may be sold like any merchandise. For the Romans: She does not have a soul. They would torture women by pouring boiling oil on them or dragging them by horses. For the Chin-ese: She is cursed water that washes away good fortune. A Chinese man would have the right to bury his wife alive. If a man were to die, his wife would be passed on as inheritance. For the Indians: A woman is worse than death, hell, and fire. A woman didn’t have the right to live after her husband’s death. Therefore, she had to be burned along with his corpse. For the Persians: It is permissible to marry any of the female relatives without exception (incest). A Persian husband could command his wife to die. The Jews said: A woman is a curse because she is the cause of sin and temptation. She is impure during her menses. It is permissible for her father to sell her. And in Islam, we can find the true liberation for women. So, after this long history of injustice, Allah, the Most Exalted showered His Mercy on humanity by a Religion (Islam) the teaching of which came to change the ugly human history and create a life which humanity had never witnessed before in all its civilizations. So, in this paper, I am going to elaborate women’s rights from the Islamic perspective.

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