Center for Understanding and Institutional Cooperation

ISSN: 1857-8640


DOI: 10.5987/UJ-CENTRUM.17.006.1   |   Article Number: 8D7B78136   |   Vol.6 (1) - June 2016

Author:  Aliji Bashkim

Keywords: family, Islam, Quran, prophetic tradition, society

In this paper will be discussed the importance of family from the perspective of Islam. The paper emphasizes the serious approach of Islam as a religion towards the family, by turning it into a subject of interest of the two basic sources of Islam, primarily of Quran and the prophetic tradition, and then the subsequent sources of Islamic law, analyze the family in Islam from various aspects.

The importance of family from the perspective of Islam, among others, is seen from the fact that the two basic sources of Islam, the Quran and the prophetic tradition, speak about family, as well as the need for education and protection of family from negative occurrences, from one side, and from the other side, also, the importance of family is manifested through many manifested by many prohibitions that these two basic sources of Islam contain, which are connected with the protection of the family, like: prohibition of prostitution, homosexuali-ty, monasticism etc. another fact emphasized in this paper, when the importance of family is in question, is that the Creator made the growth of mankind to be made through families, i.e. Adam and Eve, the first family on mankind, and later, through marriage and creation of family to be the growth of mankind. Even though the Creator could have made other ways of growth of mankind, the definition of the family as a form for this process speaks of the importance of family in Islam.

The paper is concluded by concrete proposals that will contribute in family protection.

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