Center for Understanding and Institutional Cooperation

ISSN: 1857-8640


DOI: 10.5987/UJ-CENTRUM.17.009.1   |   Article Number: E2244ECE9   |   Vol.6 (1) - June 2016

Author:  Pollozhani Flaka

Keywords: democracy, transparency, freedom, censorship

The right to freedom of expression is often considered the most important human right, especially by western states. In this paper I will try to explain a very important component of this right, freedom of the media in Macedonia which is essential for fully implementation of freedom of expression. Freedom of the media is very important indi-cator for the level of democracy in a society, so in this paper I will try to summarize the developments on the Macedonia’s media environment in the past few years, in order to use that as an indicator about the general situation of freedom of expression in Macedonia. According to international organizations Reports on the freedom of media, Macedo-nia is ranked the last on the list among Western Balkan countries, as stated in the final report of Freedom House Macedonia is considered to have ‘not free’ status and by that it seems to be the only purple point in the region. This paper, based on arguments and recommendations of international actors working in the field, will try to answer also which is the position and role of the journalists in our society, are they “watchdogs” of the government, can they freely seek for the truth?

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