Canadian Institute of Leadership and Development

DOI: 10.5897/UJ-LGJ
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About LGJ

Leadership Guide Journal (LGJ) is setup to offer a great latitude in practice of leadership to enhance better performance in all strata of society.

The journal presents knowledge about different aspects affecting leadership in the advanced, developing and underdeveloped world.

LGJ is published in a broad array of fields including pragmatic organizations, manufacturing, governance, religion, environmental, life, academia, media, politics, legislative and culture.

The journal will welcome articles from scholars, politicians, practicing political office holders, legislators, judiciary personnel, leaders in various sectors of governance industry and economy, youth and students. All field of study lead to a pyramid of leadership irrespective of discipline, hence it will provide a broad base for authors on leadership from all disciplines from agriculture , oil and gas, medical field, engineering, entrepreneurship, production, electronic and culture.

Corruption has been identified as a cankerworm that has pauperized nations particularly Africa. The journal will focus on leadership that checkmates the issue of corruption and offer alternative to bad and corrupt governance.

Promote and uphold the highest standards in the conduct and communication within a leadership team.

The journal will be published electronically 12 times a year. Authors are encouraged to send in good articles and research publications, which shall be revised and reviewed by the Editorial Board before publication. Successful authors will be notified when their papers are accepted. Rejected papers will be sent back to authors with some comments from the reviewers. Those that are fit for re-submission will be informed accordingly.

Authors are welcome to submit their papers electronically at any time in the year.