Journal of the Faculties of Science and Agriculture, Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria

ISSN: 1119-9008
DOI: 10.5987/UJ-NJSE


DOI: 10.5987/UJ-NJSE.17.138.1   |   Article Number: E91433E513   |   Vol.15 (1) - November 2017

Authors:  Obushe E. , Akporhuarho P.O and Udeh I,

Keywords: effect, juice, Gambaya Albida, survivability, goat and semen.

Four healthy bucks of West African Dwarf goat certified free of andrological defects were used for the experiment to determine the survivability of goat sperm in Gambaya albida juice extender under two storage conditions, namely; refrigeration temperature (5°C) and room temperature (25°C). Four storage trials were carried out for the G. albida extender using semen collected from bucks by electron-ejaculation method. Statistical analysis showed highly significant (P<0.01), effect of storage days on the motility of buck semen. The highest mortality was maintained in the first 24 h of storage, thereafter, motility decreases as the storage days increases, At the fourth day of storage motility reduced drastically at room temperature while at room temperature motility score sharply dropped to zero value. The storage temperature was recorded to be highly significant (P<0.01), except on the 6th week of trial. The refrigeration temperature was superior compare to room temperature. The refrigeration temperature maintained sperm viability for a maximum period of 96 hr. The interaction between days and storage temperature showed was highly significant (P<0.01). The storage media was significant (P<0.05); except on the 4 and 6th week of trial. The result has been able to provide the usefulness of G. albida juice in formulating semen extender for both refrigeration temperature and room temperature

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